Get Started On Your Path To Purpose For 2020!

Learn the secrets to why the Okinawan's have the most 100 year old's per capita... 
And it's Something That you can easily apply in your life!
walking in your purpose And Answering the Call God has on your life is the key to living a happier and more fulfilled life.
Whether you realize it or not...... 
there is something that you are meant to do... 
something that you were created to do... 
and something you are being called to do... 
You were created an original, don't be a copy, be you. 
if YOU have ever wondered what your life purpose is.....
If You Want To build a life around Your Purpose, 
Here is your Perfect Solution.....  
You Feel:
  • ​God created you for more than you are currently living
  • ​You have this burning feeling there is something you are missing but not sure what it is
  • ​A calling on your life, just unsure of what it may be
  • ​A hunger to embody your life purpose
  • ​A desire to discover your spiritual gifts
You are looking for:
  • ​Guidance to discover your untapped potential
  • ​An answer to unleash your hidden talents and capacities
  • ​A program that offers self-discovery with an expert in the field of purpose
  • ​Answers to why you are here or God's plan for your life
  • ​A way to make a difference in others lives, and those around you
If you resonated with any of it, maybe...
Your career may be going good, and life seems to be ok, or maybe you feel stressed, stuck and uninspired, but in the pit of your stomach you feel this emptiness or a feeling of 'is this all my life is going to be?' You may have questions looming inside like, 'Does God have a plan for my life? Am I living my purpose?'.  

You may be thinking about the future generations you want to have an impact on, but you don't know what your special 'thing' is. You may feel that you are 'just average', and nothing special about you. (Which is the furthest thing from the truth, BTW) 

You don't want to work (like I did) 22+ years and not experience a deeper soul gratification from being able to use your gifts, your life experience to be able to dramatically change the lives of others while making a positive impact. Your voice within is nudging you. Do you know why I know that? Because there is no 'coincidence' you are here in this moment reading this. 

You are ready to make a real difference in the lives of others, by simply shining who you are, unapologetically. 

Imagine if...
Your 'work' is also your purpose-driven mission, where your 'work' doesn't feel like a 'job'. Where you feel excited to wake each day!? 

You are making an impact in your community and a difference in the lives of others as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

You are sharing your spiritual gifts and are able to express your God-given design to the world.

Imagine living your purpose and soul mission and in return you feel empowered and inspired by the love, fun, and joy that is being created. 

You may be fighting the feelings of...
  • ​Fear of failure
  • ​Fear of judgement 
  • ​Not knowing where to start
  • ​Stressed or feeling stuck in your life
  • ​Feeling nothing will work as you have tried other things
  • ​Lack of passion and joy for your life or feeling unmotivated
  • ​Fear of change, or that discovering your purpose will require change
  • ​Fear of changing careers, and you may have unresolved beliefs that are hindering you
It's ok.
I completely understand. I've been right where you are.
And what I LEARNED WAS.... 

That I was more than my job... and so that also means... 
Maybe you are where I once was and your job is sucking the life out of you. I remember driving to work at 3am crying and pleading with God, this is my life? I didn't want to go to work and I felt stuck... I had to though.... I had kiddos to feed who were relying on me, and bills to pay. I felt like there was more to my life, and I knew I wasn't living it.

I was more than my failures, so again....
Listen, we all fall, we all have what we may define as 'failures'. I love sports, and I grew up really competitive. Even though I have chilled out a lot as I have gotten older (unless I am playing connect four, rummy, or golf with my hubby, then it kicks back in LOL!), I still have found myself comparing my goals, my accomplishments (or lack of) to other people. I would see their success and my failure, can you relate? But guess what? Those feelings and those excuses don't have to be what holds you back! You can move forward, even though you feel this way. There are answers, and there are solutions or Soul-U-tions......

I had built a life that everyone said would make me happy....
So, why wasn't I happy? 
Thoughts like these created lots of confusion and guilt for me. 
“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” 
-Henry David Thoreau
Maybe you have lost faith...
I've been there too. 
It's not an easy thing to admit.
I remember a time when I felt really angry with God. My faith had been compromised, everything seemed to be falling apart and I began to question everything. I built a life that everyone said would create a happy life, you know the 'American Dream'.... Well, I had it and then some. The white picket fence (actually chain-link), the big house, three cars, the 'secure' high paying career, the family (blessed with three kiddos and a wonderful husband), and even the dog and cat (Razor and Blayde). So, why was it that I did everything that I was 'supposed' to do, and I felt empty, overwhelmed, and sad? Can you relate?

DO YOU... 
Do you feel like every day is groundhogs day? Maybe you feel like living your life with greater purpose is unreachable. Maybe you have had dreams of creating a business where your work was also your life mission, and maybe those dreams felt impossible to attain, or that you don't even know where to start. Well, the sad fact was, sure I made great money, and it paid the bills but it was THAT BELIEF that kept me stuck in groundhogs day! Feeling like I was in a black hole with no way out! I know exactly what it is like to work 12 plus hours a day and by the time I got home feeling like I had NO MENTAL OR PHYSICAL ENERGY for anyone, even my OWN self. A time in my life I was living someone else's dream, doing all of the things 'I was supposed to do' to make me happy, yet I was terribly unhappy. No passion, no clarity, and I certainly had forgotten all of the things that I like to do. The things that make me, me....

I didn't seem to be doing any of things that were important to me, the true things that mattered in life. Because I had unconsciously placed limitations on my own life and what was possible.

Maybe you have missed countless sporting events or your kids' school plays, or missed important events that your spouse really wanted you to attend because you work for someone else who has FULL control of your schedule because you are doing what you feel you need to do or have to do? You may be feeling like I did before I built my first business.... 
I felt guilty for missing important events. 
I felt like a bad mom, I felt like I failed. 
And sometimes, the guilt would turn into me trying to make it up by 'buying things' for them without even realizing it..... 
You may feel like I did, that you are chained to your job, your life as you know it, and you need to just 'suck it up' and push forward to get to the weekend.... 
Can you relate?

I totally get it... I felt that way too. 
(And even IF YOU DO LOVE YOUR JOB, you may still be feeling like you are missing something, so please keep reading!)
Then, I discovered a Few Secrets...
That my problems were actually part of my superpower, which works WITH my purpose...

That my quirks were what made me uniquely me...

That I don't have to live in a cookie cutter world to create a life that makes me happy....

That being fiercely faithful in all areas in my life helped me (& continues to help me) create my dream life....

AND THAT it is possible to live in alignment with my true self, and love who I am....

That I can create a career/business that fulfills my greater purpose AND gives me joy....  

And the one of the BIGGEST SECRETS I DISCOVERED WAS.......

That everything I ever went through was molding me into an incredible minister, teacher, mentor, and entrepreneur because everything was always on purpose for a purpose, (His purpose).

So now, I can help others who are JUST LIKE YOU to not only understand who God created you to be but to also design your life (and business if you choose) ON YOUR TERMS! 

It's been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life besides my kids and family....
I turned my pain into superpowers and..
tapped into my purpose & divine design...
And I want to help you do the same....
After falling on my face a few times, losing everything, moving across the U.S., and feeling afraid, frustrated, & sorry for myself, I finally realized that through it all I was receiving special gifts along the way. 
I learned to accept things as they were, to trust in God AND who He created me to be.....
I stopped hiding and worrying about others accepting me....
I soon realized I was a people pleaser and shifted....
I allowed people to mis-understand me without
feeling like I needed to fix things and...
I slowly began to REBUILD my 
life and my business...
But..... this time, I let
God take the wheel.
I took my time, and made sure I was creating my life 
of purpose on purpose for a purpose! 
After walking away from BUSINESS #1 and #2 that I built from the ground up, 
I discovered so many valuable superpowers that I have been able to share 

.... and guess what?

The 'American Dream' DIDN'T WORK for me.... (We all have heard of the American Dream......Graduate High School at 18,  graduate College at 24, get a 9-5 job, get engaged at 25, buy a house and marry at 26, have kids at 29, retire at 65...... yea, it's what I call a 'cookie cutter world', or the one size fits all mentality.) It doesn't work out for many, and even if many do follow this journey, they may end up feeling like I did. And others who may not have followed the path, they can often times feel like a failure. 

And I'm here to say you are no failure, and that God HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE! 

After countless struggles and challenges I discovered that it was through each of those unique challenges and struggles that helped me rebuild the most important relationship in my life. 

My relationship with God and rebuilding my faith. 

Then the biggest 'ah-ha' hit me like a ton of bricks falling on my head.... 

Everything in my life had actually been on purpose for a purpose (His purpose)...
God never left my side. He was there with me every step of the way.
God knew the lives I would help BECAUSE I went through the things that I did. And He knew that BECAUSE I went through it, I was also paving a roadmap for others to know that God has got their back too. 

(As we shine our light, we unconsciously give others permission to shine their light as well)

And with GOD, (Matthew 19:26) faith of a mustard seed, a sprinkle of perseverance, some joy, and a positive mindset, ANYTHING is possible!

It was all in His Divine Plan....
And then another brick to the head........
It took me building business #3 to find out that there is an easier way to grow a business and create a schedule on your terms... Therefore there was never any mistakes. Everything I was beating myself up for became something I was incredibly grateful of.
And I want to HELP YOU through this whole process!
What took me years to learn, I want to share it all with you.

Dear Friend,
I am honored that you are considering joining me for the path to purpose course. One of my most favorite things that I have been blessed to do with clients is to be able to remind them of what they already know deep inside. The soul purpose that they came here for, their soul stories that the world NEEDS TO HEAR, and being able to walk beside them as they connect with the power inside of them as they grow and expand their wings. 

  Hi, I'm Jena Harris Please Call Me 'Je' (Pronounced G)....
I help people come out of hiding and discover their purpose, find their voices, gifts, talents, and superpowers to create a fiercely faithful life (& business for some!). I help entrepreneurs make money at being who God created them to be, while also sharing their message with the world. 

I Built my first company and began the process of building a non-profit organization (simultaneously) while juggling a full-time corporate job. Eventually was able to replace my income to leave my 22 year career to be an entrepreneur AND a CEO of a non-profit. I am the author of three books, a co-authored one, and currently working with 14 authors in our new book that will launch in 2020. I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to get their spiritual business launched, and have coached and mentored thousands of men and women to assist with their personal healing, wellness, to create a balanced life. 

Much of the time that I spent building everything that I just shared, was done in less than ideal circumstances. Yet, because of this, it enabled me to build my faith and understand that you don't have to 'wait for perfect situations' to START. This is a life journey, where we all are always growing, so once I gave myself GRACE, It opened the doors for God to work in my life. I can't wait to help you come to your 'Ah-ha's' too....

And p.s. I am currently still working and building business #3 and through it all I have learned how to build a life and business living fiercely faithful "on purpose for a purpose". I would love to help you too!

Dear Friend,
I am honored that you are considering joining me for the path to purpose course. One of my most favorite things that I have been blessed to do with clients is to be able to remind them of what they already know deep inside. The soul purpose that they came here for, their soul stories that the world NEEDS TO HEAR, and being able to walk beside them as they connect with the power inside of them as they grow and expand their wings. 

Imagine What your life Would Be Like If You Too Could 
live a life aligned to your life purpose and true self..... 
 Doing The Good Work That Makes You Happy.....
What if I were to tell you that your 'mess' IS your message to the world? 

What IF your failures ARE your superpower? Would that surprise you?

What if you could truly experience inner transformation AND help others who are just like you?

What if you could strengthen your gifts and your voice so that you have the confidence to build the life and even the business you have dreamed of?

AND while you are achieving your inner transformation, how amazing will it be when you begin to see your outer transformation also taking place? Because that's what happens when you combine my special recipe, with the path that I took and the golden nuggets I learned along the way.....

And I'm STILL on this journey, so you don't have to have a PHD behind your name to give you authority, unless it makes you happy! The difference this time around is that I have a completely different mindset and belief system. I have learned the importance of how to live my life Fiercely Faithful... on purpose for a purpose knowing that I can't fail. And neither can you with God's guidance and the tools I want to share with you.....

And guess what? There is PLENTY of time, UNLIMITED resources, and the best part is.....


You just have to see it and believe it for yourself.
And YOU are why
I created this program!
The Path To Purpose Program:  
Living a life on Purpose for a purpose
In this Program and bundle with All of the bonuses, 
you will learn to:
In this Program and bundle with All of the bonuses, 
you will learn to:
  • Understand Your Personality And Strengths
  • Embrace Your Passions And What Makes You Unique
  • Empower Your Mindset 
  • Discover Your Authentic Mission Here On Earth
  • ​Build A Life That You Love
  • Understand Your Personality And Strengths
  • Embrace Your Passions And What Makes You Unique
  • Empower Your Mindset 
  • Discover Your Authentic Mission Here On Earth
  • ​Build A Life That You Love
click the button below If you are ready 
to live in alignment with your  True Self
Do this for yOU! 
invest in YOURSELF! 
Because You are worth it!
In exchange for the $197 investment in your future, you will receive...
Path To Purpose Program ($997 Value)
It’s time to tap into your passion and share your talents and gifts that are unique to you! Join this journey to understand your life’s greater purpose and live in alignment with your true self.  This course includes Video And Audio Modules, Meditation, And Downloadable Workbook.

Whats Included:
  • Module One: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made 
  • Module Two: Who Were You Before... ? 
  • Module Three: You Can Do All Things 
  • Module Four: Your Superpower 
  • Module Five: Master Your Message 
  • Module Six: A Reason For Being: Ikigai
  • Module Seven: When Purpose, Passion & Profession Combine
  • INCLUDES: With Audio, Video, Workbook, PDF's, Worksheets, Meditation, and Checklist Notes
Unwrap Your Spiritual Gifts & Discover Your Divine Design ($98 Value)
There is no answer to the meaning or purpose of your life that anyone else can give to you. The answers are all within you, and this mini course and quiz will guide you to a life of greater meaning, fulfillment, and help you reach your potential. Take this Quiz and Course to help you discover your spiritual gifts and divine design that is sure to help you embrace what makes you unique. 

What's Included:
  • Discover Your Divine Design
  • Identify Your Spiritual Gifts
  • ​Understand Your Personality and Your Strengths
  • Build a Business Around Your Gifts
  • Make an Impact While Doing It
  • ​Includes Audios, Quiz, PDF Worksheets, & Workbook 
Live Out Your Passion ($97 Value)
Video Training With Former Professional Athlete, You will learn his success blueprint that he used to make it to the NFL. He teaches you The things he Discovered along the way that will help keep you on the path to your vision and passion. This added piece will give you so much to add to your tool-belt as you rediscover who you were created to be.

What's Included:
  • Learn How to Push Past Excuses & Limitations
  • ​Overcome Adversity and Negative Self-Talk
  • ​Easy Video Training Course
  • Includes Video Training and Workbook 
Joy Expansion Pack ($97 Value)
Find things that make you happy and create more joy in your life. One of the things that we do when we feel we are in groundhogs day is forget what we love doing. We get so caught up in routine and also doing for everyone else, we forget what makes us happy! And when we are lacking joy and happiness, it affects every area of our lives AND every relationship we have. This is a must have for everyone looking to create a life and business on their terms!

What's Included:
  • 33 Inspirations For Increased Joy & Self-Care PDF
  • Audio Masterclass
  • Meditation  
Bonus #1 
Bold Confidence Treasure Chest 
($47 Value)
Increase Your Confidence In this Audio Course with Downloadable PDF Toolkit. Listen to these as you go about your day and let the knowledge in it help you to trust yourself more and discover the strength inside!
Bonus #2 
50 Business Ideas For Faith Based Entrepreneurs 
($27 Value)
PDF download with 50 different ideas to start a faith based business! If you want to start a business to profit but also serve God, this is a must have resource!
Bonus #3 
Faith Builder Printables
($27 Value)
Choose your favorite, print & laminate (if you choose). Put it on your fridge, in your office, in your bathroom, on your mirror and anywhere else that will remind you of God's grace and the faith to live a fiercely faithful life, on purpose for a purpose!
Bonus #4 
Scripture Cards
($27 Value)
Print and laminate (if you choose). Put them in your purse/wallet, on your fridge, in your office, in your loved ones lunch, bathroom mirror and anywhere else that
will remind you of God's promises!
Bonus #5 
The Fiercely Faithful Tribe 
Facebook Group
Access to Private Facebook Group with Free Coaching, Tips, Resources, And Opportunities To Win Fun Prizes!

What are you waiting for? 

I want to help you live a happier more balanced life....

Yes, you understand this right!
You get all of this for only $197 

So, why am I sharing this for a discount?
First, it's a way to thank you for subscribing and connecting and secondly...
because I wanted to make a ridiculous offer where you literally have no excuse to step into who God created you to be, and possibly even make money being you! And I want you to be successful AND to be successful you have to take ACTION! 
I believe in your success! 

PS... Every minute that goes by is another minute that you could be working on creating your own personal roadmap to making money with your God given gifts and message. And this isn't one of those "cheapy courses with no value"... 
I poured into this to give you all that I have because I want YOU to be successful. Because let's face it, if you aren't successful that's not good for me. I want to raise up people that want to live on purpose for a purpose and this training is the fast path to it, and it's as simple as that! 
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
100% No Questions Asked Refund Policy
If you don’t like the training, you can get a FULL Refund!
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The Path To Purpose Program
  • ​Path To Purpose Program ($997 Value)
  • Unwrap Your Spiritual Gifts ($98 Value)
  • ​Live Out Your Passion ($97 Value)
  • Joy Expansion Pack ($97 Value)
  • ​Bonus #1 Bold Confidence Treasure Chest ($47 Value)
  • ​Bonus #2 50 Business Ideas For Faith Based Entrepreneurs ($27 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3 Faith Builder Printables ($27 Value)
  • ​Bonus #4 Scripture Cards ($27 Value)
  • ​Bonus #5 Private Facebook Group (Priceless!)
Total Value: $1,417
But today, you're getting all of this...
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